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I AM Ascension Pathway


What is the I AM Ascension Pathway?

The I AM Ascension Pathway, is at the heart of the personal development offerings available from our Anam Croi House Soul School.

The Pathway is a direct, fast track path, for spiritual awareness and expansion, that offers many dispensations for your full soul embodiment and soul expression.

These dispensations have been lovingly gifted by the spiritual hierarchy, to you and humanity at this time,

to enable the elevation of humanities consciousness to happen with grace and ease. 


As we enter the new golden era, the time of suffering and learning through pain and the path of karma (action creates a reaction), is now being replaced with the path of grace, joy, peace and bliss, for those that know that they have a right to choose.


This golden path is possible, it really is and Anam Croi are here to walk with you, on your journey to enlightenment, offering you deep compassion, friendship and love, as you reawaken to your own intuition and Sovereignty at the core of your Divinity, found deep within your sacred heart.

We share with you the tools, techniques and most importantly the sequence, for how to progress through the consciousness gateways and light levels, safely and gracefully, saving you years of painful karmic lessons and the feelings of frustration and stagnation created through repeating patterns and cycles.


The I AM Ascension pathway journeys with you as you progress along your own healing path, towards the full embodiment of your Higher Self and mighty I AM presence, where you step into your full Mastery for Intergalactic service and Planetary leadership. As a way shower for others, we help you to bring in your gifts for birthing the new golden era of miracles and higher living in the Cities of Light.

We want to assure you that no matter how deep the pain or trauma you may have received in this or other lifetimes, your purity and innocence can be regained, please know this to be so. Inner peace, joy and bliss is possible for everyone without exception, let the miracles unfold.


Who is the I AM Ascension Pathway for?

Commitment and dedication to your own soul growth and path is a key requirement for the I AM Ascension pathway, ideal for those that have set their intention to fully embody their Divine Sovereign Self and take full responsibility for their own Self Mastery, in service to love.

You may either be newly awakening to your spirituality which may have been a sudden and traumatising wake up call for some of you, or you may have been a soul seeker for quite some time, fervently searching and experiencing different healing modalities as you seek to liberate and free yourself.


If you have been self healing for quite some time now, you may have found yourself thinking that you have cleared something, only to find that it returns again, in a different guise or form. If this is so, then this is the path for you, a complete removal of core programming and distortions, right from their root of origin, back to the beginning of time at the core of all creation.


This is an accelerated expansive pathway, that rejoices in the Divine dispensations of love that are being given to those that are committed to the Divine plan of; love, light, and peace.

This is a great time to be alive and if you are reading these words well done for answering your Soul call, take heart in knowing that any work that you do on yourself, not only liberates and frees yourself and your ancestors, but humanity as a whole, at Anam Croi, we feel humbled and privileged to be on this journey with you, thank you for being the light in the world that you are.


What does the I AM Ascension Pathway involve?

The I AM Ascension pathway, has been built as a series of modular workshops to assist you in the:

  • Clearing and activating of your energy systems 

  • Embodiment of your own Soul light

  • Expansion of your consciousness 

  • Full activation of your quantum heart centre, for transformational change through the power and wisdom of Cosmic Divine love.

  • Activation of your 5th dimensional Divine blueprint (DNA and lightbody activation)

  • Activation of your Divine Sophia-Christos genome

  • Transition to the new template for the elevated human; ‘Homo luminous’ the crystalline soul

  • Full integration and embodiment of your light body, your Avatar, as an Ascended Master for custodianship of Gaia and all sentient beings

  • Entry into Intergalactic world service for Peace and enlightenment 

  • Entry into Planetary leadership; co-creating heaven on earth, activating the law of miracles and the Emerald codes

  • Visionary Planetary leadership; co-creating high vibratory sustainable communities and living 

  • Lightbody living; transitioning to the Emerald Cities of light, the birthing of the new golden era of pure love, light and miracles.


What do each of the I AM Ascension modules cover?

Each of the eight modules has been carefully crafted to enable you to progress along your Soul Ascension pathway with grace and ease.

The science of spirituality and Ascension is placed gently before you, to enable you to navigate your own personal path to enlightenment.

As you expand your light body, you will be given clarity and clear guidance on the system of sequential consciousness gateways that you need to navigate, to increase your vibratory rate and expand your light levels.

You will be clearly shown ‘The Way’, the direct pathway to enlightenment, as you progress through the 22 gateways of the Tree of Life. 

This is the Holy Grail path of Divinity, love and Service, as you personally become the grail cup, bearing the light of the Christos-Sophia, in servitude to love and to the Law of One, that embraces all sentient beings as Divine and Sovereign.


What learning modalities/methods are used?

A beautiful combination between Austin and Gloria of Anam Croi house, creates a dynamic and powerful learning, healing and expansive space. Wisdom comes not only from their joint shared knowledge and lived felt experiences, but also from direct Divine revelation and guidance, given to them for the content. This direct guidance will continue during the workshops, as the experience becomes very personalised and created just for you.


The majority of the workshop space is designed to be deeply relaxing, as you lay down and bathe within the gentle restorative sacred sounds and tones, with plenty of time for integration and connection with others in joy, fun and bliss.


Included in the workshops are:

  • Guided Meditations with the holy light and the holy sound of Archangels

  • Dragons, Sacred Trees and the Ascended Masters

  • Archangel Metatron DNA clearing and activations

  • Sacred drumming

  • Sound healing and activations with sacred tuning forks and Tibetan bowls

  • Nature bathing and connection at Anam Croi Gardens

  • Ascension seat activation through the sacred land and leylines of Anam Croi 

  • Sacred fire ceremony

  • Sacred glass/fire walking

  • Organic community living; plant to plate, Anam Croi organic gardens

  • Accommodation at Anam Croi House (Wood fired Sauna and ice baths available)

  • Delicious healthy home cooked plant based meals.

If you feel drawn to the pathway at this time, Austin and Gloria look forward to welcoming you into the heart of Anam Croi, where you will find a caring, supportive, like minded community of Soul brothers and sisters, who are delighted and honoured to be walking your Soul journey with you, as you do the work of remembering who you truly are and rediscovering the Master light that is already within you.

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