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Module Eight


Module Eight includes sound baths, meditations and Leadership circles for.


  • Chakra triple wheel removal; exiting the matrix and liberating the sacred rays of the heart

  • Ascension into the Holy Etheric Cities

  • Light weaving and altering the matrix

  • Dream walking and the Divine blueprint

  • Portal creation and the pillars of light

  • Middle Earth, the Ancients and our Future Selves as co-creators of the light

  • Multidimensional lives, past, present and future in the here and now: accessing your gifts from multiple timelines

  • Integration of your gifts at Zero Point of your Quantum multidimensional existence through the galactic tree of life

  • Resuming our place as Intergalactic custodians of Mother Earth and Planetary service; rite of passage

  • Building the new golden era, stepping into power and holding the vision; Golden Leaders for a Christed age

  • Leading the holy communities of light as light bearers and way showers; personal arc of power, love and wisdom

  • Accessing the wisdom of the Stars; Intergalatic mastery school with the Seraphim

  • Anam Croi Soul School celebration of the new celebrants of light

  • Anam Croi I AM Ascension Programme Leadership graduation

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