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Module Six


On Module six you will work with the holy light and the holy sound of Sophia to integrate your already self activated Sophia Code.

A pre-requisite for this module is the self study of the book the Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. This is a live transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe to ignite your Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness and Crystalline DNA and Divine Sovereign Genome.


Module Six includes sound baths and meditations for:


  • Dragons our Cosmic Angels

  • Connecting to Dragons; a dragon blessing and sacred dragon drumming ceremony

  • The Sophia Dragon Tribe, Sovereign DNA and Keycodes

  • Humanity as the Keycode for the Cosmos



Integration with sound bath and meditation on the holy light and holy sound for each of the eight Sophia Dragon Tribe namely;



Green Tara

Mother Mary

Mary Magdalen

Quan Yin

White Buffalo Calf Woman

The Sophia Dragons

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