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Sustainable Healing

In the heart of nature lies Anam Croi, a beacon for those seeking holistic healing and a sustainable lifestyle. Translating to 'Soul Heart', Anam Croí resonates with a deep connection to the Earth and our innermost selves. This high-frequency healing centre stands as a testament to what is achievable when we align with nature's rhythm.  


Anam Croí House is committed to eco-conscious living. Our centre is 100% off-grid in the summer months, powered by renewable energy sources, reducing our ecological footprint and ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the Earth.


Sacred Space

In the heart of the lush Irish countryside, a haven of spiritual awakening, consciousness expansion, and holistic healing emerges. Welcome to Anam Croí, a sacred space born from the dedication and vision of two brothers, Austin and Damian Gibbons. Together, they have lovingly and meticulously restored an old, fire-scarred Irish cottage into an environmentally friendly centre designed to embrace and amplify the divine light, consciousness, and angelic spirit. 

Every corner of Anam Croí  is designed with sustainability in mind. Harnessing renewable energy, promoting organic farming, and practicing water conservation, the center epitomizes self-sustainability, inspiring its visitors to adopt a harmonious existence with Mother Earth.

But what truly sets Anam Croí apart is its diverse array of workshops, retreats, and healing sessions. These offerings delve deep into the realms of consciousness alteration, allowing participants to reconnect with their true selves and the world around them. From meditation to sustainable living practices, each program is a journey of discovery, fostering personal growth and environmental stewardship.

Anam Croí isn’t just a healing center; it’s a movement. A calling for us to remember our intrinsic bond with the Earth and recognize our role in its preservation. At Anam Croi, healing oneself and healing the planet go hand in hand, crafting a future where both thrive in harmony.


At Anam Croí, every detail has been dutifully crafted to resonate with the rhythms of the Earth, making it a profound receptor of divine energy. Situated upon crystal and copper grid lines, our centre is a place where the natural world and the spiritual realm converge harmoniously. These crystalline grid lines extend like energetic veins, connecting our sanctuary to the majestic presence of Croagh Patrick, the sacred mountain that watches over our land.

The abundance of wildflowers and a thriving rose garden, nestled amongst ancient trees,  create an ambient environment to support your healing journey.

Anam Croí House offers comfortable accommodation for up to 14 people, making it an ideal haven for seekers, healers, and space holders alike.  With finishing touches such as a  peaceful pond, a cascading waterfall, Finnish Sauna and ice baths all contributing to the completion of an already overflowingly abundant landscape.

The Gift of Nature

Anam Croí's commitment to the environment extends beyond our buildings and programs. Within our grounds, you'll find a small organic vegetable farm, lovingly tended to by our team. Fresh, nourishing produce is harvested daily and serves as a reminder of the abundance that nature provides. Our resident chickens contribute to the sustainable and organic environment, providing fresh eggs, a delightful addition to your meals during your stay.

The land boasts a deep well that bores 333 feet into the Earth, providing us with pure and pristine water straight from the depths of the land. This natural water source also sustains our gardens, nourishing the life that thrives within them.

Among the wonders of our gardens are the bees, diligently pollinating the flowers and creating nature's golden nectar. The honey produced by our Anam Croí bees is a gift from the heart of our center. This pure, sweet honey carries the essence of our land and is a symbol of the interconnectedness of all life.


As you embark on your journey at Anam Croí, you are invited to reconnect with your inner wisdom, explore the infinite possibilities of your soul, and experience the profound interconnectedness of all life. We welcome you to this sacred space of light, love, and transformation.


Our Journey To Now

From the ashes the Phoenix rises

Take a deep dive into the resurrection journey of Anam Croí House, from ashes to awakening.

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