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Module Seven


Module Seven includes sound baths, meditations and Leadership circles for.


  • The Holy Grail and the Cup bearers

  • The tree of life and the holy grail

  • The kathara grid

  • The Arc of the Covenant and its guardianship in Ireland

  • The Arc of the Covenant and the 12th dimensional Lyran star gate

  • White lion Christed Consciousness of Oneness, liberation and freedom

  • The White flame activation of the Arc of the Covenant

  • Light level initiations with Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek

  • Pre-Lemurian codes and the original Divine template

  • The 39 steps, climbing the galactic tree of life and the Egyptian torus

  • Dragon riding and the 13 Cosmic Dragon intelligences

  • Waking the Dragons and birthing the golden eggs

  • The Holy Sophia Christ grids, connecting to the Grids

  • Galactic Cosmic triple flame

  • The Emerald codes; secrets of the Universe, the primal codes for God creation

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