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Module Five


On module five you will expand each of your Chakras to Cosmic frequency and permanently anchor your fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional chakras, opening and aligning your Stellar gateway chakra for Cosmic and Galactic connection and service at the 7th dimensional level.


Module five includes sound baths and meditations for:


  • Expansion of your chakras to Cosmic frequency with the blue rose dragons

  • Permanently anchoring your fifth, sixth and seventh dimensional chakras with etheric body integration

  • Anchoring of the 5th dimensional rainbow light codes over writing the current false rainbow and rainbow hologram technology frequencies

  • God realisation with the Great Central Sun and Starlight integration, with the Celtic trees.

  • 7th dimensional vibrational healing with the 9 pillars of the Stellar Gateway. The Divine Assembly of the Collective Cosmic Consciousness. Show you ‘THE WAY’ back to your Soul Seed and Home of your Heart. This includes core essence retrieval for; Peace, Harmony, Love, Happiness, Connection, Clarity and Focus, Wisdom, Freedom and Completion

  • Homo luminous and the new Divine template for humankind

  • Activating your Merkaba lightbody and building of lightbody quotient

  • Soul mission and Soul purpose with the Intergalactic federation and Commander Ashtar

  • Light codes from the Cosmic rays, Galactic suns and the Ascension flames

  • The four fold path for accelerated ascension and Intergalactic mastery with the Rainbow, Gold, White and Emerald dragons.

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