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Module One


Module One is the foundational module, introducing you to the pathway of Ascension (bringing down and merging with your own soul light) and the I AM journey of enlightenment.

This pathway is overlighted by Archangel Metatron, the mightiest of the Archangels, who sits at the top of the Tree of Life, at the right hand side of the Godhead and has been given the task of enabling the Ascension of each individual on Earth and the entire Universe.

You will be personally overlighted by Archangel Metatron throughout the duration of all eight modules. 
Each Module is a three day intensive, spread over four days (starts and ends midday to give time for a comfortable arrival and departure).

The focus of Module one is to orient you to the path and give you the fundamentals of Ascension and lightbody expansion, as you step onto the pathway of consciously co-creating your Divine lightbody from within.
Module One focuses on clearing, cleansing and balancing your lightbody receptacle to receive the advanced Ascension lightcodes that are now available to human kind at this extraordinary time in Human evolution.

Module one includes:


  • Introduction to Anam Croi House and Gardens

  • Overview of Ascension and the I AM Ascension pathway

  • Archangel Harmony sound bath meditation with the 9 mighty Archangels

  • Harmony of the Elements; Nature connection and forest therapy invitations 

  • Harmony of the Elements; Archangel and elemental sound bath and meditation

  • Archangel Metatron and the Cosmic Dragons cellular whole body deep cleanse sound bath and meditation 

  • Rebirthing of the body and Soul, with the Angel of Peace through sacred anointing and bathing with the Rose 

  • Reclaiming and Rebirthing your Inner child; Meditation with the mighty Oak and your own Avatar

  • Aligning and Igniting your Soul Purpose; sound bath and guided meditations with the Angels, Dragons and Unicorns

  • Fire Ceremony of Forgiveness; releasing and letting go 

  • Walking Self Mastery (part one); Self Care for Ascension (including body detox and cellular cleansing)

  • Walking Self Mastery (part two); Living Tribally-The power of community and high vibrational connected living

  • Walking Self Mastery (part three); Stepping into Sovereignty and Emotional Mastery

  • Walking Self Mastery (part four); The Spiritual Laws; an introduction to the Universal Spiritual Laws 

  • Walking Self Mastery (part five) The Antakarana and Rainbow Bridge; a guided meditation with sacred sound for personal connection to the God head

  • Heart Conscious Connection in the Community (part one); A personal exploration 

  • Heart Conscious Connection in the Community (part two); Heart resonance ceremony with the Sacred Drum 

  • Archangel Peace Chariot; a guided meditation with the holy light and the holy sound of the 9 Archangels placing you in a chariot of Peace as you step back out into the world to walk your sacred journey of Self Mastery


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