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Module Three


Module three builds on the foundations of Modules one and two, which are prerequisites for this third module. With your core fears removed and negative personality traits and limiting beliefs surrendered, you are now ready to walk the path of personal energetic mastery and embark on the ascent of your personal tree of life. This opens your own Gates of Wisdom, enabling the energy to flow freely into your heart and mind from the Divine


Great wisdom is constantly flowing to you from your mighty I AM presence (your Monad), which acts as a receptacle for your intuition. Divine wisdom has its own sound frequency and your task in module three is to remove all your mis-created discordant energies and projections that have distorted and altered your personal note (the actual inaudible sound frequency that emanates from you). When you play your pure note, your life is full of joy, peace, bliss and harmony. When the note frequency from you is not pure, your life feels difficult and complicated.


As you start to send out the harmonious sound frequencies, these act as keys to enabling you to climb your personal tree of life, and expand your consciousness so that you can live a peaceful and harmonious life.


You play the right note when you have the perfect balance of love, power and wisdom.


To achieve this balance, requires the energetic mastery of 22 energetic powers within your energy field, that cause things to happen in your life.


These are represented/depicted by the 22 pathways in the tree of life.


These twenty two casual powers, have been known in various guises by different wisdom traditions and teachings, from ancient times to the current day. These various terms include Angels, Archetypes, Planetary energies or Symbolic representations (as in the Tarot). They represent the laws of all phenomena and control your conscious behaviour and all forms and experiences in your personal life.


These forces are capable of expressing themselves positively or negatively as they are Divine thoughtforms operating under the law of free will. They are actually extensions of the spirit of God within all of us and are subject to the energies that we are unconsciously or consciously radiating all the time.


In module three, we will work with these casual powers in their Angelic energetic representation, to restore them back to their original function.


To achieve this you will need to withdraw your false beliefs and thoughtforms/ego projections which your free will projected onto these powers, resulting in them being distorted from their original true nature.


When your consciousness is tuned to the Angels higher vibration you will be; loved, loving, creative, prosperous, energetic, decisive, wise, intuitive, understanding, joyful, victorious, harmonious, discerning, confident, strong, patient, protected, courageous, imaginative, enlightened, whole, successful, anchored in Truth and free.


Each of the 22 gateways of consciousness need to be unlocked in sequential order, as one is additive to the other and affects the harmonics of the next.


This gateway approach cannot be manipulated and needs be followed in sequence to achieve a successful progression up through the tree of life.


You will be guided to meet each of the 22 Angels in turn, eleven in module three and eleven in module four and to request their co-operation to help you re-align your mis co-creations. This requires a total surrender to spirit of your mind, emotions, body and spirit as you now co-create with the Angels your beautiful future together.


Your ego projections will be withdrawn from each of the Angels in turn and corrected on your inner plane of consciousness, restoring your original note.


The Key to success is to sincerely surrender and open up to the indwelling spirit of God that is within you.


Module three includes sound baths and meditations for;

  • Unconditional Love and Freedom

  • Illusion and Reality

  • Creative Wisdom

  • Abundance

  • Power and Authority

  • Spiritual Understanding

  • Loving relationships

  • Victory and Triumph

  • Order and Harmony

  • Discernment

  • Cycles and Solutions


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