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Guardian of Grace, Visionary and Sound Healer


A mother, visionary, and beloved sister of Anam Croi House, Gloria's journey into the realms of healing and spiritual awakening began in the quiet of her garden, amidst the unsettling experience of a divorce and the uncertainties of single parenthood. It was a solitary moment, marked by the gentle descent of a white feather, that ignited within her a profound connection to the angelic realms.

Driven by a scientist's curiosity and a seeker's heart, Gloria embarked on a transformative path, guided by mystical experiences and divine synchronicities. Her visionary gifts illuminated her way, revealing hidden truths and guiding her towards her life's purpose.

With a deep and loving connection to spirit, Gloria serves as a bridge between the Earthly and the Divine, offering solace and guidance to all who seek her wisdom. She shares the teachings of the angelic realms with reverence and respect, weaving their divine messages into the fabric of her healing work.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences, including a background in Zoology, study in spiritual intelligence in kindergarten children (PHD), volunteering with ChildLine and years spent as an international training director, Gloria brings a unique blend of wisdom and compassion to her work.  Gloria is passionate about championing the voice of the children and recognises the importance of listening to the wisdom of the children for co-creating the new Golden era and bringing Heaven to Earth.

She believes in the innate wisdom of nature's creatures and the healing power of reconnecting with our primal roots. 


Gloria is a self-proclaimed servant to love and is here to support and return all back to Grace with Ease and offers people a safe space to explore themselves and regain their sovereignty.

As a custodian of the planet, Gloria honours all forms of life, recognising the sacred interconnectedness of all beings. She walks alongside Archangel Metatron, guiding others on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

With a deep reverence for the wisdom of trees and the ancient lineage of Dragons, Gloria invites others to explore the hidden realms of nature and reclaim their sovereign connection to themselves and Earth.

At the heart of Gloria's offerings lies the transformative power of sound healing. Inspired by a divine message received during meditation, she harnesses the resonance of tuning forks to restore balance and harmony to body, mind, and spirit.

Gloria's sanctuary of healing, Oceans of Calm, offers individual sessions to adults and children at her clinic at the Grove Medical Centre and group workshops, including frequency healing and the I AM Ascension Programme at Anam Croi House, inviting seekers to journey within and rediscover the infinite wellspring of love and grace that resides within each of us.

Join Gloria on a journey of soulful exploration and rediscover the magic that lies within and around you

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