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Tracy Marie

Meet Tracy Marie from Gypsy Lane, a member of the extended Anam Croi family, offering her talents as a facilitator and space holder for a diverse array of transformative experiences. Her journey to this role is a testament to the incredible capacity for personal growth and spiritual exploration.

Tracy's path began as a police officer, dedicating herself to upholding justice and serving her community. However, the toll of that demanding role left her with emotional and physical scars. Her journey to self-healing and self-actualization became a pivotal turning point in her life.

Upon discovering her spiritual calling, Tracy embarked on a quest to unlock her innate potential. This journey eventually led her to the welcoming embrace of Anam Croi, where she found a nurturing space to further develop her gifts and share them with others.

As a skilled aromatherapist, Tracy goes beyond conventional practices, offering personalized blends tailored to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Her aromatherapy sessions become a deeply personal and holistic experience, addressing individual well-being on multiple levels. (more info)  Gypsy Lane's natural product range is now available at Anam Croi House.  Please check out the shop on your next visit!

Tracy also serves as a Kundalini yoga teacher, guiding participants through a practice deeply rooted in the awakening of energy, consciousness, and self-awareness. Kundalini yoga is known for its powerful effects on the mind, body, and spirit, helping individuals tap into their inner wisdom and potential. (more info)

In addition to yoga, Tracy facilitates Ajna Light therapy, a transformative experience that combines flickering light with meditation to open doorways to expanded consciousness. This innovative approach allows guests to explore their inner worlds and unlock their potential for personal growth and self-awareness. (more info)

As a gifted tarot reader and soul reader, Tracy provides unique opportunities for individuals to gain insight into their spiritual paths and life's mysteries. Her intuitive interpretations help guests navigate life's complexities, offering guidance and clarity.

(more info)

Tracy's multifaceted contributions make her an invaluable asset to Anam Croi. Her journey of healing and personal growth, from her time as a police officer to becoming a beacon of spiritual guidance and holistic well-being, is an inspiring story of transformation. Tracy's presence at Anam Croi invites individuals to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery, healing, and transformation.


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