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Michel is an accomplished NLP trainer and systemic coach, dedicated to helping individuals unearth their inner strength and release the barriers that obstruct their personal growth. With a profound understanding of human experiences, Michel specializes in guiding people through the journey of self-discovery, shedding light on areas often left unexplored. He believes that our deepest healing and most valuable lessons are concealed within our darkest moments.

Having traversed his own profound transformation, Michel acknowledges that this path is not without challenges, but he recognizes its immense rewards. Through his guidance, you'll gradually become more authentically yourself, prioritize what nourishes your soul, and naturally discard what no longer serves you. By embracing your destiny, you can empower yourself to move closer to your true self, enhancing self-love and authenticity.

Michel knows firsthand that this journey is both fascinating and enduring, an ongoing exploration into one's own depths and soul. As you navigate this path, you will discover peace, purpose, equilibrium, unity, and, above all, a deep love for yourself. Michel's mission is to support you in unveiling your unique purpose and living from your heart, unlocking your full potential.

Embark on a transformative journey with Michel, and he will guide you towards uncovering your inner essence, allowing you to live a life deeply aligned with your true self and enabling you to express your full potential.

Michel offers Family Constellation (more info) and Kundalini Awakening (more info) sessions when he visits Anam Croi House, please contact Michel directly to enquire as to when he will be back in the Emerald Isle!

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