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Clinical Aromatherapy

Bespoke Clinical Aromatherapy Service

Experience the art of personalised healing with our on site Aromatherapist, Tracy Marie .  Offering full consultations and essential oils blends tailored to your specific needs, thoughtfully designed to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit the personalised blending service is designed to suit your specific concerns.






What is Clinical Aromatherapy?


Clinical Aromatherapy is a holistic approach that taps into the natural essences of plants to promote your overall well-being.


How can it help?


  • Emotional Balance: Address stress, anxiety, and emotional wellness.

  • Physical Healing: Enhance physical health and relaxation.

  • Spiritual Connection: Foster a deeper connection to your inner self.

In-House or Take Home: Choose between in-house massage application for immediate relaxation or take your handcrafted blends with you to continue the journey at home.

Book now by clicking on the link below or

contact Tracy Marie directly on 083 092 4302

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